My Size Maximus is a Horse Kids Can Actually "Ride"

My Size Maximus is a Horse Kids Can Actually "Ride"

Tangled is one of my all-time favourite Disney movies, and there's no denying that Maximus steals the show. So that's why I was super excited to see this at the Disney Store.

There's now a toddler-sized Maximus toy available in stores and online, and kids can actually "ride" him!

I say "ride" in quotation marks, because he isn't a ride-on. While Maximus won't move, he's a pretty comfy seat for kids up to 70 lbs.

But let's backtrack for a second. This toy is incredible, especially since it only costs about as much as the LOL Bigger Surprise. Officially, he's called My Size Maximus, and he's a sturdy play horse who's just like Flynn Rider's horse in the movie.

Kids can pull his mane to activate trotting noises, neighing and more. He comes with a removable satchel, brush (so you can tame his mane after a day of riding), five hair clips and an apple.

So far, I've only seen My Size Maximus at the Disney Store, where he's priced at $99.95 USD (which is around $131.02 CAD). We'll let you know if and when he's available somewhere closer to home!


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