The Tamagotchi On is Officially in Canada!

Cue the nostalgia! Our favourite ’90s toy got some serious upgrades
The Tamagotchi On is Officially in Canada!

Who else remembers Tamagotchis? These virtual pets were a big responsibility back in the day, and I'm getting nostalgic just thinking about them. Bandai, the company behind the iconic toys already released an updated Tamagotchi to mark their anniversary – and they just got another makeover.

Tamagotchi On is the latest generation of digital pets, and they're really not holding back with the features here. So far, I've heard that there are MILLIONS of My Tama characters with their own unique looks, and I can't wait to try this thing out. And I have even more good news. You can already order them in Canada!

So far, I've seen them in Canada at Chapters Indigo, as well as Amazon and Mastermind Toys. There's just one catch. Prices start at $79.95, which is more than double what you would have paid for one of the originals.

If you're wondering, the new Tamagotchi On looks a lot like the older versions, except that they traded in the black-and-white screen for one in full colour. Plus, there's now a Tamagotchi On app you can use to chat with friends, trade gifts, seek out characters and check on your Gotchi Points (a new currency you can redeem in the app's virtual store). Just keep in mind that each one requires two AAA batteries to run.

They're available for just $74 at Urban Outfitters Canada, but unless you luck out and can find some in one of their stores, you'll have to tack on $9.95 for shipping – which means Chapters or Amazon is your best bet.

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  • Kerri H.

    didn’t you have one ?

    • Jessie C.

      I had something similar, a Giga Pet...short lived before it was stolen at school and returned smashed :(