Take Photos Like a Pro For Instagram, Facebook, Etsy and More! $60 @ Amazon.ca

Take Photos Like a Pro For Instagram, Facebook, Etsy and More! $60 @ Amazon.ca

I was so excited to get an email that showed me a table top portable photo studio set that was available for purchase. I knew that large photography setups existed that are similar to this for taking portraits but I didn't realize that a person can purchase a small portable studio such as this for taking pictures of small objects.

My email showed me that the portable studio was on sale for around $37 CAD. The I noticed that shipping was going to cost $36 CAD for a grand total of $73 CAD and on top of that, potential customs and duty fees might be due upon arrival. It would also take a long time to arrive. No thanks to that!

I knew Amazon.ca might have something similar and I'm glad I checked. For $13 less incl. shipping, I found a better set. This Polaroid Table Top Portable Photo Studio Light Tent Kit is selling for $60 and has free shipping.

The majority of the reviewers really like this product. This photo studio is designed to let you take professional studio-quality images. It softens shadows that are caused by your camera's direct flash. You can choose four different background colours to use inside the tent; red, blue, black and white for that really crisp white background look! Two studio lights are included as well as the camera tripod! It's a full studio set up minus the camera of course.

Why would anyone need this setup? Well, in my family we'll make good use of it. My daughter has taken an active interest in taking pics. of her clay charms and other art work.

When posting images to Instagram, Facebook and to family and friends in texts or emails, this type of set up is perfect.

If you sell anything on auction Facebook groups or on Kijiji, it's a good idea to have a clear image of the exact item you're selling. Sometimes there's even requirements that you can't use a stock photo for the attached image. I would rather have a nice backdrop with proper lighting for my image anyway, rather than use an image with dog and cat hair along with cookie crumbs and a cheerio or two showing up on a makeshift couch photo studio.

This system is portable and easy to set this up. A professional looking bag is included. Everything you need to take pictures of anything that can fit inside of the box (which measures 16") is fair game.

I get sentimental about donating kids toys and I often take a pic. of it before it moves to it's new home. Fine jewellery, important documents and more could fare well with the image quality in a light tent such as this.

What other things would you use this portable photo studio for?


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