Tacticlip Barettes are Multi-Tools in Disguise

For when you want to feel like Kim Possible
Tacticlip Barettes are Multi-Tools in Disguise

Remember those spy gadgets we all played with as kids? You know, those books that were actually lockboxes and the pens that wrote with disappearing ink? There's pretty much an adult version of them on Amazon. They're called Tacticlip Hair Clips, and they're barrettes that are actually like little Swiss Army knives.

They might not be a grappling hook disguised as a hair dryer, but I still say Kim Possible would be pretty happy to have these in her arsenal. They're barrettes and wire strippers, wick holders, mini screwdrivers and rulers.

You can hang them from your keychain to always have one on hand, even when you want to wear your hair down. There's even a a serrated edge on one side to help you open packages or saw through little things – but don't worry. It's not a razor, and it's completely safe to have against your hair.Tacticlip Barettes are Multi-Tools in Disguise

I haven't tried them out for myself, but the reviews I've seen are pretty positive. Even if you never use them as tools, they supposedly hold your hair in place really well. Apparently they work really well to open letters or packages, and it's probably really fun to whip them out of your hair instead of reaching for your toolbox.

You can buy a four-pack of Tacticlip Hair Clips for $14.95, where they'll ship for free as part of a $35 order. This is far from the only brand out there, though, and you can find literal pages of options on Amazon alone. If you're looking for ones in different colours, this 10-pack of Multifunctional Hair Clips is $16.49.

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