Swoop Just Discounted Flights from $12!

The Loonie Seat Sale runs until Jan. 21 at 11:59 PM MT
Swoop Just Discounted Flights from $12!

Pack your bags, Canada! I can't be the only person who's dreaming about flying away somewhere warm lately, and now, a trip to Puerto Vallarta, Orlando, Cancun, Las Vegas or Montego Bay is probably within your reach. Swoop just marked down a TON of flights, and base fares will only cost you $1!

This event is known as the Loonie Seat Sale, and it runs until Jan. 21 at 11:59 PM MT, unless every single plane sells out before then. There are about 100,000 seats marked down on flights between Feb. 4 and Oct. 24, 2020, and you can't beat these prices. Even when you roll in taxes and fees, they start at $12!

One flight, a one-way trip from Abbotsford to Hamilton is already sold out, but there are plenty of tickets for vacations within Canada and to destinations in the United States, Mexico and Caribbean still available.

I'm personally kicking myself for booking my trip to Orlando two weeks ago, when I could have waited for this sale. But hey, at the very least, I might now be able to afford another trip soon after that one. I mean, I could head from Winnipeg to Los Cabos for just $95, and I'll never complain about a price like that!

Since Swoop is a discount airline, you should be aware that larger carry-on items and general checked bags will come with additional fees. You may also need to pay for things like seat selection, beverage service during the flight and other perks or services. All terms and conditions are available online.

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  • Baron

    No matter how cheap Swoop makes their seat sale it will never guarantee that you will go and come back from your destination on time. Customer service is not stellar either. I am surprised they are still in business with all the bad reviews this airline has received. That is Canada, we settle for less then second best.