Swapsity.ca: New Bartering Site (ON & BC)

Swapsity.ca: New Bartering Site (ON & BC)


The folks over at Swapsity tweeted me to tell me about the launch of their new site, so I thought I would do a quick blog post about it to let you know.

The basic premise of the site is that it is a bartering community, with folks offering trades of skills and products. Currently it is only being offer to those of you in Ontario and British Columbia.

I think I will just share the press release here so you can see what it's all about:

With the official launch of Toronto's consumer bartering community, SwapSity.ca, budget-conscious Canadians will have a new way to save their money.

Creative thinking goes a long way when it comes to avoiding a private recession at home. Smart businesses have long turned to barter as a way to conserve cash and acquire what they couldn't otherwise afford. Now, Canadian consumers can also use barter as a way to shop and save when SwapSity opens to the public on March 22, 2010. Until now, the website has been in private beta and membership required an invitation.

SwapSity is an innovative swapping community where virtually every imaginable good and service can be bartered, turning trash into treasure instead of sending it to landfills. Some members have already saved as much as $2,500 by simply choosing to barter instead of buy. According to SwapSity founder, Marta Nowinska, "Online swapping of unwanted possessions, free time or talents is a perfect solution for cost-conscious Canadian consumers seeking a more affordable way to acquire goods and services during these trying times."

The recent Consumer Confidence Report from TNS Canadian Facts indicates that "confidence numbers remain quite flat" and there is little indication of "significant consumer spending." As everyone cinches their financial belts, bartering all kinds of goods and services has become a hot trend.

SwapSity makes the barter process a breeze. Members simply create one list of their swappable goods and services and another for the things they want in return while SwapSity instantly generates local matches to jumpstart swapping. It is also possible to enhance listings with YouTube videos, photos and web links. Members can communicate freely and decide whether they want to accept a swap offer, negotiate or decline it. They can also equalize uneven barter exchanges with cash. Most importantly, membership and transactions are free, so users can swap to their heart's content without breaking the bank.

So clear out your attic, garage and basement or start taking inventory of all of your talents and post them. It's time to open your mind instead of your wallet!

I haven't used the service myself, so if any of you guys have experienced it or are going to give it a try, it would be great to hear your opinion in the comments below.


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  • David
    You should also consider swappocket.com it is canadian owned http://www.swappocket.com/index.php?spref=2GH1A3