Surprise contest: Get a $50 Wagjag Present (First 10 Entrants)!

*** Closed now - winners have been emailed! ***

Here's a quickie for you guys - a surprise Bargainmoose contest! You may have noticed we're trying to get the word out about our Bargainmoose deals app which is available on iOS and on Android. We're throwing this surprise contest to try and spread the Bargainmoose love!

  • Prize: A free gift of your choice from Wagjag, worth up to $50
  • Who: First 10 eligible contest entrants

How to enter:

1. Blog about our Bargainmoose deals app on your personal blog


2. Write about us on your Facebook wall

Make sure to link to the 2 versions of the app [iOS and Android]. For a contest entry, you must leave a comment below with a link to your entry, so we can check it out.

As for the prize, the first ten winners can choose anything on Wagjag up to a value of $50 each, from a meal at your local restaurant, photo printing, chocolate... they have lots of choice!

Please note that the comments below are moderated and some may be hidden in a moderation queue. We will try and approve them as fast as possible, so we can clearly see the eligible winners!

  • One entry per household
  • Contest ends when 10 eligible entries have been made
  • Canadian entrants only
  • Rules subject to change at admin's discretion

P.S. Download the app too, to win iPod Shuffles


  • Jenna
    Only for bloggers?
  • Jenna
    Your linky to the "what can you do" page is broken.
  • Emma B.
    shared on fb wall, under Emma Walpole
  • Jenna
    Linked to the page on Facebook, here:!/jenna.em1
  • Jenna
    Here is the direct link to my FB wall post:
  • Laura O. shared on my wall, but my privacy is high so you're not going to be able to check that, methinks. :/ the link there is wrong, I had to dig back to find the right one.
  • janicour Shared. thanks
  • torontobaby
    shared on my facebook wall
  • Cali
    Here's the link to my Facebook post:
  • Elicia L.
    Linked to my Facebook Elicia Lee .. It won't let me comment in my iOS app so I had to come to the website ...
    • Elicia
      I never got an email... ?? And as far as I can tell I should have been emailed.. As I was in the first 10. Well that is sucky..
  • Betty C.
    Shared on fb. On Betty Chong page
  • Jessica
    I shared on my fb wall twice lol. My fb name is Jessica Daigle.
  • Anna
    Please can everyone make note of the edit in the original post. Thank you!
  • Jessica!/profile.php?id=802675233&__user=802675233 Hopefully that works.
  • anastasia
    shared on facebook under Anastasia Savinykh
  • anastasia
  • Emma B.
    here's the link to my fb wall, I got your email Anna!/emma.walpole1
  • Callista
    Shared on my FB! With links to the 2 versions of the app! :)!/callista.hall
    • Callista
      Also tweeted!!/CallistaHall
  • torontobaby
    so did i get in on time ?
    • Anna
      I emailed the people who got in on time for the Facebook part, but I'm going to give everyone above an extra entry into the iPod shuffle contest too!
  • torontobaby
    oh because i am 5th on the comments and didnt get an email
  • Ashlee my blog!
  • Jenifer
    Don't have a blog. Wish I could facebbook and get included. Love the app and great notification sound effects. Love WagJag too even though I'm in Vancouver.
  • Ashlee
    am i the only person who has a blog?
    • Avigayil
      I have a blog! :-) It is a great alternative to a journal and on the off chance someone reads it, you can be inspiring.... mine is primarily cooking + clothing (the fab deals I score) and music, It is also a good way for family to know what you are up to... like aunts and uncles you never talk to. I think blogging is great and kudos to you for having a blog!
  • Rustteeedoll
    I just purchased food for my dog from The Corner Paws & we both just love it, she loves the taste & I love the price!!!!! Thank you Wagjag, WE LUV U!!!!
  • Anna
    Closing this one up... there were 11 people who replied with a link to their entry as per the original rules (including Facebook entries), and I'm just going to give a prize to them :) Emailing you all now.

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