Cheap European Flights Cheap European Flights

If you're considering a summer vacation to Europe, there are potentially some great last-minute deals on, departing from Toronto.

Some examples:

Flying from Toronto to London between the 13th and 20th June, $199 one way, inc tax.

The return flights seem to be cheapest when returning from Lisbon, Porto, Rome or Barcelona, between $104 and 204.

So, once you have your main flight booked, if you need to book some inter-European flights, I would recommend using to price compare the short-haul journeys . I've used it a number of times during my extensive European travel, and it always finds me the cheapest flight prices between destinations.

Have a browse round at the prices, see what the total would be, and book a good deal on your trip! The final prices will be shown after you enter your age (weird), so choose your flights, and proceed through checkout to see the final price. This could be a great deal if you want to check out a few European cities in one trip.

If you're not currently in Toronto and want to take advantage of this deal, Air Canada have recently been doing quite a few coupon codes for both East and Western Canada, so I would check their pages every day for a cheap flight to get you to Toronto.

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