Subway Canada Free Breakfasts!

Subway Canada Free Breakfasts!


Bargainmooser Mary Jo has emailed us with a deal about Subway Canada. She saw it advertised on TV, and noticed that it is also mentioned in a tweet.

On the 19th of August 2010, from 7am to 10am, Subway Canada are giving out free breakfasts!

The twitter feed says that this is Canada  wide, not just for Ontarions.

I've no idea what their "free breakfast" includes. It's likely that it will be totally free, and not a "freebie with purchase" type of offer - so I'm sure you can expect huge queues.

Let me know what you get!

UPDATE - Bargainmooser Christianne tells me that it is an egg breakfast sandwich!


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  • Christianne
    It's one of the egg breakfast sandwiches. saw it on an ad today.
    • Anna
      Thanks Christianne!
    • Rosita
      Sweet! It's also on my birthday!! :) Hopefully, this is to all Subway stores, because I have one right in front of my house! Pretty stellar birthday breakfast.
      • Sherry
        I saw this...on another bargain website... As a Subway franchisee let me set the record straight…All Subways across Canada will be offering either a free English Muffin cheese and egg or Ham and Egg breakfast along with a FREE 8oz. Seattle Best Coffee. This offer is one day only Thursday August 19th 7 am - 10 am (depending on store location). NO coupon necessary. This promotion will be advertised on Local radio stations and National TV starting Sunday August 15th to Thursday August 19th. I suggest you come early.
        • Sherry
          If they run out of product, you will get a coupon good for a free breakfast at another time...It will be busy!!
          • Kukki
            It's also my sister Guddi Bal's 60th birthday.
            • Krista
              Did anyone check out the breakfast yet?
              • Tara
                It was a very small sandwich with a very small triangle of cheese, 1/2 a slice of ham, and one pre-made egg white sans yolk on what looked like a whole wheat english muffin. It would be a good sandwich for a child because its fairly healthy and small. I wouldn't pay more than $1.25 for it but I think they want $2.50? The free coffee didn't come with cream or sugar :(
                • oreo
                  thanks for the information, i was able to check out the free brekfast. so i got it this morning, at 7 15 ish, first one in the store( it a solo subway store in a community), after me there was a line up of 5 to 7 ppl. then i told my bf, n he told his bros n they ended up getting the free sandwish twice from different place. thanks so much, i became a family hero...hahaha...wut am i the sandwish was not big, i dont think i would buy it at regular price, and because it was free, i found it alrit. the coffee was a small cup, but it comes with little cups of cream n sugar. they let u take as much as you want.