Stylefly: Up to 95% Off Sale Section

Stylefly: Up to 95% Off Sale Section

Stylefly just announced a new sale section: "85% off +!" Get an amazing amount off great clothing and accessories in this section... all the way up to 95% off! Items start at just $5. :-)

Here are some of those great deals:

Ok.. so my little beef and I have emailed them about this. Not everything in this section is 85% off +. In fact, a good portion of it rests around the healthy margin of 66 - 75% off. Not necessarily bad... but their advertising specifically said 85% off+ sale section. So I have shot them an email about this problem, and hopefully they will fix it up soon. Either way, you can still save an amazing amount of $$ in this section and support a lot of Canadian designers and a Canadian company.
P.S. These items are final sale. Free shipping on orders of $50+

Additional note, got an awesome response from the Stylefly team to do the the "85% off+" section:

Hi Avigayil,
Thank you for your note!
You are completely right and it would seem that our marketing group was a bit on the hasty side and not so much on the basic math side for this one. I noticed the same thing and was mortified when I received the email along with everyone else- but I had them change the name of the section immediately to "Up to 95% Off" which is more accurate.


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