StyleFly Coupon Code For 20% Discount On Clothing!

StyleFly Coupon Code For 20% Discount On Clothing!


Bump: Still Working!

I've found a StyleFly coupon code to get you a 20% discount on your online clothing purchases there! Here is the lowdown:

  • Coupon Code: PURSEFORUM
  • Discount: 20% off

If you haven't heard of them, StyleFly Canada is a clothing boutique who sell items from many popular international designers. As they sell such unique items, they aren't cheap - you pay for what you get. Shipping is free on a $150 spend, and it wouldn't be hard to spend that amount.

I did a quick google search to see if I could see any interesting comments or reviews about the retailer, here are some thoughts from ItsAMonkey on ChickAdvisor:

I recently purchased a Saint Grace "April" dress from the site; in comparison to US-based online boutiques, Stylefly's pricing, even before currency exchange, was up to $20 cheaper for the same item. What really impressed me, however, was that the dress was in my hands a mere 48 hours after placing my order.

The only downside to my experience with the site is the lack of selection and stock. I reckon that will only increase when consumer demand does. So go buy something from them so they can sell a more varied line!


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  • shayne
    I just tried this with their "Dirt" Fragrance, and it worked, so it also applies to bath and body products. I have heard about this product on Tv, and it sounds very interesting!! Dirt.
    • shayne
      It also works for clearance items as well. :) Just tried to see if it would work.