Student Away From Home? Amazon Prime Student Free 6 Mos. Trial!

Student Away From Home? Amazon Prime Student Free 6 Mos. Trial!

Thousands of Canadian students have already jumped on board of trying out an Amazon Student membership for students, and with good reason. There's a 6 month free trial for students in college or university and after the 6 mos. is up, if you decide to keep your membership, you'll be charged only $39, for an additional one year membership, which is half of the regular Amazon Prime annual fee of $78!

Here's a perfect example of why students should have an Amazon Student membership. Grocery shopping takes time and effort, especially if you don't have a vehicle. Regularly purchasing products for home (as well as school supplies) with fast, free shipping is amazing. These products are also generally available at low prices as Amazon has competitive pricing.

The Amazon Student member can purchase products for the dorm room such as toilet tissue, paper towel, shampoo, dorm room cleaning agents, laundry detergent, pop-tarts, munchies and more. If they need an item faster, they can pay $3.99 for one day shipping (available in certain areas, some remote areas won't be able to offer this service.)

Other added benefits such as free unlimited cloud photo storage, and early access to Amazon Prime deals are included.

Cancelling is super easy and is done online without talking to anyone - a simple click of the mouse ends the membership. Once the benefits of ordering online with no minimum purchase required, and free shipping on Prime eligible products are realized, I think most students will want to carry on with their membership.

If you're a student in Quebec, there is no free trial but for the $39 you will receive 18 mos. of Amazon Student, so you are still able to have the same amount of months as anyone else, in the long run!


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