Stouffer's Rewards: $25 in Free Groceries

Stouffer's Rewards: $25 in Free Groceries


We got sent this lovely idea by Mooser Brenda, thank you! The rundown is: you become a member of Stouffer’s Rewards and enter PIN codes from the specially marked Stouffer's products. When you enter 12 PIN codes from specially marked packages you will receive $25 worth of free groceries in the form of:

  • $15 in Free Nestlé product coupons and
  • $10 grocery gift card to the store you selected at registration

Here is what Mooser Brenda had to say:

Stouffers/Lean Cuisine has a rewards program that is great!  If you buy 12 products and register them online, you receive a $10 gift card to a grocery store (I chose Safeway) plus a free coupon for a Stouffers Bistro entree, Skinny Cow frozen dessert pack, Nestles Noir Chocolate Bar, Stouffers Entree and I think there was one other that I'm should have seen the cashier!  I had $30 worth of grocerie (including a couple of things that weren't coupons) and I paid $5!

If you want to register, the tab is near the top right hand side. It sounds like a wonderful program, check it out!


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  • Lenore E.
    IWould someone please check to see WHAT HAPPENED TO MY REWARD-I wrote an e-mail in Sept but still have no reply .. my codes were verified and I was informed when I had reached the required. Please check this out for me. I am in the process of trying to get another \Reward but am having trouble getting my codes on. What is happening. Mrs. L.E.Woods
    • Anna
      Lenore, you'll have to get in touch with them, we're just a Canadian deals blog, we have nothing to do with Stouffers :)
    • Sharon
      I believe the $25 in free groceries is over.they have an option now to enter your pin numbers and when you get to 7,750 ( I think) you will get a $10 card for the grocery store of your choice I have got 3 cards so far.You do have to eat alot of stouffers or lean cuisine.
      • Kitten123
        I can't understand some of the numbers that are printed on the inside of my stouffers box(Bistro)it's like some of them are backwords or something. what gives?