Stop Losing Your Keys, Purse, & Remotes! Tile Tracker + Free Ship, $30 @

Stop Losing Your Keys, Purse, & Remotes! Tile Tracker + Free Ship, $30 @

I am one of 'those' people... Keys constantly disappearing. It's not my fault though. My keys are like a moth to a light when they see me, except, in a polar opposite form. I think they're scared of me since I'm always dropping them.

My 'whistle to find my keys' device was decidedly lame and at best, an amusing toy for our cat. (For us, actually, watching our cat's reaction.) The key fob keyfinder set my husband bought me didn't work either. They were remotes that would call to your keys, but really, only if your keys were practically sitting on the remote. The range was comical.

Moving on to my third keyfinder. I went with the Nut2. I like it in many ways - it has saved me a lot of time and stress when it has found my purse and keys. (Yes, I even lose my purse in the house. I now have a bright purse to better see it. Black is difficult to spot for some reason.) The Nut2 issue is that there are random disconnects which means I can't find my keys until I reconnect from the app with the keys close by. Which is difficult to do if you don't know where your keys are, since you have to press the button on the Nut2 to make it re-link. The worst issue though is when the CR2032 battery dies, which is quite often, so at that point you are tough out of luck in finding your keys. There are no low battery alerts.

From the reviews I have read, it seems that the Tile maintains a better connection. The Nut 2 was sometimes too quiet. This Tile Gen 2 is three times louder than Tile Gen 1; tiny speakers let out a 90 decibel melody that's easy to hear—even if it's hidden under laundry or in another room. The Tile is also water resistant.

This Tile is a second gen model, which means improvements have been made over the first one. It works via bluetooth that you set up on your phone through an app. All you have to do to find the item that you have put your tile on is open the app on your phone, and press a button to call it. You can also use the tile to call your phone; if it is in silent mode, sometimes as you know, calling it won't work. (Yes, I lose my phone often, too.)

Here is the best feature about it, though! Tile's non-replaceable batteries will last at least one year with zero charging required. After a year, you can replace your old Tiles with new ones for a special community member price.

So - I am definitely buying this Tile! It's on sale at London Drugs this week for $30, but they don't offer free shipping. Amazon is selling it for $30 as well, but provides free shipping, and even faster shipping if you are an Amazon Prime member. There are so many good reviews on about the Tile, and the Tile would appear to be the original tracking device. The others that have since followed appear to be replicas.

I would start with purchasing one Tile for yourself to see what you think, then move on to the discounted multi packs afterwards that are as much as 36% off! They are handy to have for TV remote controls, too. You can set up as many as 12 trackers to one phone app account, or you can gift several to friends, because each Tile is set up to whatever account a person sets it to.

Is it just me, or do you also lose your keys, purses, cell phones and remote controls? Surely I can't be the only one.

Shipping is free on this item!

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  • Noahsmum

    yes I'm hopeless. I've resorted to asking my 4 year old where my keys are especially when I'm in the car!!!

    • Eryn

      Oh, Noahsmum, we understand each other all too well! :)