Winter 2019 Sidewalk Sale from $2.44 @ Stokes

Winter 2019 Sidewalk Sale from $2.44 @ Stokes

We don't typically see sidewalk sales in the dead of winter, but I can't complain about this one happening at Stokes!

Their Winter 2019 Sidewalk Sale is on now, and TONS of items for your kitchen and home are marked down as low as $2.44.

These deals are so good that you'll probably just want to dive right in – and pick up a pair of these Kitchen Gloves for $19.98 from $44.99! They're basically an alternative to oven mitts that give you a little more control, since you have full use of all your fingers.

I'm also thinking of getting this Clara 9-Piece Tea Set. It includes an elegant bamboo tray, and the entire thing is on sale for $39.98. And speaking of tea, check out these Vintage Rim Mugs, too!

Shipping costs vary based on where in Canada you live. In general, though, most orders over $99 before taxes will ship free (except if your delivery address is in Nunavut).


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