Stiga Snow Rider $65.99 @ Mastermind Toys

Stiga Snow Rider $65.99 @ Mastermind Toys

I know you're probably hoping that winter is dying down and we've seen the last major snow fall for the year. But just in case we haven't - or because you know we'll be getting more next year - now is the time to purchase some cool snow gear on sale!

Right now you can get the Stiga Snow Rider for 40% off at Mastermind Toys! It's on sale for $65.99 (reg. $109.99).

The Stiga offers a unique snow riding experience that has you sitting close to the snow while racing down the slopes. It has an active rear ski that keeps more consistent contact with the snow, which means a smoother ride for you as well as easier turning.

And with a 100kg max weight, the grown ups can definitely get a few rides in too - that is, if the kids will share.

Shipping will be free since it's over $49.

The Stiga Snow Rider is also available at for $84.99.


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