Sticky9: 3 for 2 Deal & Free Shipping

Sticky9: 3 for 2 Deal & Free Shipping


Avigayil introduced you to Sticky9, which is a UK store that turns your Instagram and other photos into personalized gifts. They have free international shipping, but you may encounter duties or customs fees at the border. To avoid this, you can keep your order under $20. If you can't, you just have to hope for the best! Right now Sticky9 has a fantastic deal on where if you buy three items, you'll pay for only two. This can be on any of their items, large or small.

You can mix and match your items, but know that the cheapest items will be free.

I really love their magnet calendars, which sell for $36.99 (all prices are in Canadian dollars, which makes it super easy to figure out your total!). These make great gifts for Valentine's Day. You decide on the six photos you'd like to see on the calendar and they do the rest. You can display it as you'd like. If you wanted to get three of these, you'd save $36.99, paying a total of $73.98 for three calendars.

The phone covers are cool too, and I'm sure it would be easy enough to find three phones to cover for $37.99 a piece. Or you could cover their phone and tablet, plus your own phone. Tablet covers are $49.99. If you had three tablets to cover, you'd save $50 and pay only $99.98 for three tablet covers.

I like that you can think out of the box for these personalized gifts. You don't just have to choose one photo, but some items, like the covers ask you to choose multiple photos (like 36!) so you can get a little shot of that person's life right on to the gift. You can be creative and put all of their favourite things into one collage. For example, my hubby loves his kids, his work, golf, beer and chicken wings (and of course me). I think I'd do a collage of all those things so when he looks at his cover, he'll smile. Sure, I could do just a bunch of pics of the kids, but that's so overdone ;)

There are coupon codes available for Sticky9, but you can't use them with this promotion and this deal far beats those coupon deals, unless you only want to get one item.


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