Steam Sale: EA Titles This Week

Steam Sale: EA Titles This Week

Over on Steam, they are having a sale on PC games from EA (Electronic Arts). Each day this week, they will be featuring a different game at a reduced price.

Here is the lineup, it doesn't state exactly what game is on offer each day:

  • Monday - Crysis day
  • Tuesday - Military day
  • Wednesday - Command & Conquer day
  • Thursday - Racing day
  • Friday - Mirror's Edge, Dead Space, Spore day
  • Saturday - Mass Effect
  • Sunday - Dragon Age

So if you're interested in any of those titles, check back on that day of the week.

I find that the deals on Steam are almost always a better price than you can purchase the game for in-store. This doesn't apply to their regular priced titles though, I only mean when they have a special offer such as this one.

P.S. The image illustrating this deal is too big to post the whole thing, so I've saved a copy and you can see it by clicking the image below.



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  • Anna
    Mirror's edge could be worth a buck today :)