Steam Powered: 75% Off RPG Maker VX Ace - Now $17.50

Steam Powered: 75% Off RPG Maker VX Ace - Now $17.50


If you love RPGs and have always wanted to build your own game (no programming required) then this deal is for you. Pick up RPG Maker VX Ace for an incredible 75% off this weekend only at Steam Powered. Originally, $69.99 USD, it is now on sale for just $17.50 USD.

The only place you can really price compare with is the manufacturer, and they sell their own product for $69.99. Therefore, Steam is really giving you an amazing deal. Not only that, this weekend is a 'free play weekend' where you can try out the product for free before purchasing to see if it is the right thing for you. Just click here to start your free play.

Now, not only do you get 75% off the game, you also get 75% off all downloadable content (excluding RPG Maker: Royal Tiles Resource Pack which was just released) this weekend. And may I say, there are a LOT of DLCs for this game. They have everything from music, to resources, to different types of tiles. So if you have just been itching to get this game, or maybe you already own it and want some funky new stuff to play with, then check out the DLCs you can get for 75% off. You are saving bucket-loads of money on this stuff.

As a gamer, this stuff appeals to me. Not just for the usual "I love playing games reason" but rather because I was playing text-based online RPGs since I was 16 and while I was still a teenager I owned my own text-based RPG which I managed and hired coders for. It was a rush and a huge learning curve. I have always been into games, not just as a gamer but also as a manager. I like to give people a good game that they can really get into and enjoy. Thus, this software is totally calling my name.

(Expiry: 2nd June 2014)


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  • Jasen H.
    While the Steam price is a decent deal you can actually get a much better deal on RPG Maker VX Ace from the humble bundle weekly deal: For $1: RPG Maker VX Ace, RPG Maker DLC Bundle #1, Skyborn, Sweet Lily Dreams, and RPG Maker - Free Games Bundle #1. For $6(All of the above plus):RPG Maker XP, RPG Maker - Exclusive Resource Pack, RPG Maker DLC Bundle #2, To the Moon To the Moon, Deadly Sin 2, and RPG Maker - Free Games Bundle #2 For $12(All of the above plus): Game Character Hub, RPG Maker DLC Bundle #3, and Legionwood 2: Rise of the Eternal's Realm All are redeamable on Steam and I'm pretty sure the deal expires June 5th.
    • Avigayil M.
      I adore you! Thanks so much!!! (totally, absolutely, buying this!!! *little geek heart is in love*)