Steam Free Games: Left4Dead Trial! Kill Those Zombies!

Steam Free Games: Left4Dead Trial! Kill Those Zombies!

I’m going to blog this! Some of you may not know, I’m a bit of a gamer! I don’t know how many lady gamers there are out there, but we seem to be few and far between!!

My fave type of games are action-packed first person shooters, and Left4Dead is exactly my cup of tea. This Friday, Steam are offering a free 24 hour trial of the game, you can download and play it for free!

Click here to see the details on Steam.

If you’re going to try it, I highly recommend pre-loading it and getting it ready to go ASAP. Then, it will be ready to play from 12am GMT - so somtime this evening for us Canadians. I think that Steam are doing this freaky Friday as they have just released the Survival pack, an add-on to the game. I haven’t tried it yet, but it seems that you are attacked by a constant stream of zombies and you have to stay alive as long as possible.

I first played Left4Dead a few months ago when Steam had a free trial, similar to this one. I was hooked right away!! I instantly bought it that weekend, through Steam.

Things I like:

Achievements: I love getting the achievements! Some of them are really difficult, if not impossible to achieve. There is no chance I will be able to play an entire campaign with no survivors taking friendly fire damage. I constantly shoot my team mates in the head. Not very friendly, I know!! Sometimes a random achievement pops up, and I have to go see what it is. I think “Brain Salad” was one of the recent ones… it’s pretty easy to get though, only 100 head shots!

Grenades: I love throwing a grenade when the horde is attacking! It’s such fun! See all the undead scamper to their deaths!! MWHhhhhaa haa!

Automatic shotgun: It really is my fave weapon. There is nothing more satisfying than shootinga zombie in the face and watching him die horribly in front of you. No? Maybe that’s just me then.

Unpredictability: The AI director for the zombies in Left4Dead is excellent. You never know where they are going to spawn, or when the horde will attack. This makes for excellent gameplay, and you can play the same levels over and over and never get bored.

Things I hate:

The Witch: That damn bitch! You don’t want to go near that straggly haired little munchkin! She’ll just bitch-whip you to death in an instant. You cannot run away, you cannot fight her off, it’s a no-win situation. That bitch.

Lack Of Ammo: Sometimes I’ve been over friendly with the bullet-love and I run out of ammo on my main gun, so I have to switch to dual pistols. That sucks.

When I first played Left4Dead, I played the single player campaigns. Since then, I’ve been playing it in co-op mode, sometimes with my partner here in the home office, sometimes with online friends. It is definitely much better in co-op mode. I don’t end up shouting at the AI! It’s much easier to co-ordinate who’s doing what, etc. For example, when we enter a new room, I always go left and my man always goes to the right to clear all the zombies. How romantic, eh?


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  • wench
    lady gamers rock!!!!! My motto when I'm playing doom or quake - "RUN AND HIDE!!!!" and I so did that when I downloaded Half Life 2 demo - gotta love the crowbar!!! :P
    • Anna
      Run and hide! NEVER!! Crowbar rocks :p
      • Nicole
        Girl gamers rock! My hubby was so happy to have met a woman who loves to sit down for an evening of complete geekness :)
        • Anna
          Oh more lady gamers that read my blog! Cool!!
          • adriel
            left4dead @left4dead2 rocks>>>>..why they did'nt make a movie about this game? sure that's cool^-^