Steam Downloads: Free Games & More!

Steam Downloads: Free Games & More!

This post is for the Bargainmoose gamers!

If you don’t yet have Steam, you can download it free from here. Once installed, you can then download and play all these free games and demos.

Some of the games are only available if you use certain hardware on your computer – they’re listed under categories.

For anyone:

Nvidia (GeForce) graphic card users:

ATI/AMD (Radeon) graphic card users:

  • - Half-Life 2: Deathmatch
  • - Half-Life 2: Lost Coast

So there should be some exciting diversions in there to keep you occupied for a few hours, and all for free!! If you like first person shooters and haven’t yet played the Half Life games, I highly recommend giving them a try. The Half Life series is one of my fave set of games EVER. EVER. Oh and peggle is great fun for a few hours of time-wasting too.

Thanks to IvanDoomer and dealspwn


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  • JamsWife
    Ohhhh I will have to let my husband know about this. He loves the half-life games!