Steam: 33 - 75% Off Halloween Sale

Steam: 33 - 75% Off Halloween Sale


I don't know much about Steam except you use it to games on your computer and you can buy games through it. What I do know is that Steam is offering amazing discounts on many popular games right now as part of a Halloween Sale. 33 - 75% off a whole variety of games.

This sale ends November 1st so not much time left to take advantage of it. The majority of the games do seem to be 50% off+ so a goody amount.

Anyone care to explain to me how Steam works?


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  • Anna
    It's also available for your Mac Avigayil - Steam is just a game management program, you can buy and download games directly from them. The games are linked to your online account, so if you ever move computers or something, you can just login and access all your purchased games.