Steam: 20% Off Pre-Order of Prime World: Defenders & Beta Access & DLC (Pay $12)

Steam: 20% Off Pre-Order of Prime World: Defenders & Beta Access & DLC (Pay $12)

This isn't like the tower defence games you remember from back in the day. This is awesome and it's from Steam!

The game is normally $14.99 but the 20% off saves you $3 and you only pay $11.99. You also get some cool sounding DLC and access to the beta. This is pre-order so the game only activates on 21st May 2013. It's a digital download for PC or Mac so there is no shipping.

So when I say this is awesome, I mean it. You just need to look at the list of features to see that. The whole list is a bit long but I included it because I think it explains the game quite well.

  • A mix of tower defense strategy with collectible card mechanics!
  • No micro-transactions or additional payments!
  • Random cards drop means different strategy for every player!
  • Upgrade and mix cards for maximum destruction!
  • Custom deck lets you pick perfect cards for each mission!
  • Perk system for your hero!
  • Story-based campaign with 23 missions!
  • Mission generator offers infinite replayability!
  • Enemy buildings in game heal and buff attacking creeps!
  • 20 towers, each with up to 25 upgrades!
  • 11 magic spells that can be upgraded too!
  • 36 types of enemies!
  • Bosses, mini-bosses and huge bosses.
  • Flying battleship!

And if that wasn't enough, here's a trailer!

The game seems really innovative in a genre that really is kind of boring. There is only so much you can do with a tower defence game but these guys have created what looks like a compelling experience.

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