Stats Signature Combo Tent Now $35 (Was $65) @ Toys R Us Canada

Stats Signature Combo Tent Now $35 (Was $65) @ Toys R Us Canada

Pop-up tents are one of the simplest toys yet they can bring hours of fun to kids. It's a simple, inexpensive toy but your kids will make it their little space. I'm willing to bet your kids will even want to sleep in this Signature Combo Tent from Toys R Us. It was $69.99 and is now just $34.97. You could even use this little tent outside, to offer a little shade to the kids during the summer.

What I love the most about these pop up tents, is how easy they are to store away after playtime. I asked my mom to get one for my son for Christmas last year. Instead, she got him an awesome Coleman tent, which was a great gift but completely defeated the purpose of a pop-up tent since it took an hour to put up and an hour to put away.Pop-up tents like these one are easy to store away, you just need to slide it behind the couch or behind furniture and forget about it.

Shipping is free at Toys R Us if you spend more than $49. There's so many great sales, make sure to check them all out!

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