Starflix Online DVD Rentals: 2 Week Free Trial!

Starflix Online DVD Rentals: 2 Week Free Trial!

Here we have another nice free DVD rental deal! This time, is offering us all a 2 week free trial.

You get a free trial from Starflix for 2 weeks, with 3 DVDs home at a time. This normally costs $24.95 per month. You can cancel any time you want, or you can continue on with the DVD rental service after the 2 weeks, and just start to pay the fees. Monthly subscription costs start at $9.99 a month, for the basic package. In my opinion, the best package would be the $28.95 one, as you get unlimited rentals, and 4 DVDs at a time. That sounds quite good!

Some points that might interest you:

  • No late fees
  • No due dates
  • No obligation
  • Free shipping

I quite like using online DVD rental companies. I’ve watched quite a few series as a result. For example, I’ve seen the whole of Stargate SG1 and Atlantis using my DVD rentals through various companies. I just put all the series in my DVD rental list, and they shipped them out to me in order.

Have you ever used Starflix DVD rentals? Would you care to share a review in the comments below?

Remember, if your free trial runs out, click the “DVD rental deals” tag below and you can score yourself some more free DVD offers!


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