Starbucks Canada: Reload Your Starbucks Card & Get A $5 Reward

Starbucks Canada: Reload Your Starbucks Card & Get A $5 Reward

If you like Starbucks Canada, you'll love this offer! Use your Visa Card to reload your Starbucks Card online with $25 or more, and get a $5 reward added to your Starbucks Card account!

This offer is valid through 7th February, 2012 and you will see the $5 reward in your Starbucks Card account the week of 13th February, 2012.

Why use a Starbucks card? It's convenient, and you can earn Starbucks Rewards and get special treats, like a free drink on your birthday!

I like Starbucks A LOT, so I have to limit my Starbucks budget so it doesn't get out of hand. I can reload my Starbucks card at the beginning of each month and when it runs out of money, that's it until the next month! The bonus $5 means an extra drink this month!

Expires: 7th February, 2012


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  • Lisa
    This is AWESOME! Thanks =)
    • kelly
      does it have to be reloaded with a visa or is a mastercard ok? Does it have to be in store or online, too?
      • Alanna
        It's for Visa cardholders only, a promotion ran through them. The credit will be added by Feb. 20th
      • Joy
        Where did you find this info? I can't locate it anywhere on the website...
        • Jodie
          It's on their Facebook page and I got an email about it.
          • Kim
            I have an account on but I didn't receive the email from them so i called them to confirm and it's true!! So excited about the extra $5. They did say that the $5 would be deposited before Feb 20th. So if you don't get the funds by that weekend don't be alarmed. It will be there by the Monday 20th for sure.
            • Joy
              O wow!! Thanks a lot!!! As long as I reload with my Visa online, then I'll get the extra $5 by Feb 20 the latest. Cool!
              • G
                • Vanessa
                  I reloaded my card and am still waiting on the $5 credit. Anyone else having the same issue?
                  • joy
                    I just emailed them to find out what is going on. No bonus added as of today.
                    • joy
                      Just received a response from them. They had to manually add the bonus. If you email them they will take care of it for you.
                    • Trevor
                      Same problem here. . .