Star Wars Furbacca Now $40 (Was $105) @

Star Wars Furbacca Now $40 (Was $105) @

Bump! This offer is back - and now at an even lower price.

Okay Star Wars fans—this one is for you! I have been watching the Star Wars Furbacca Figure at Walmart for quite some time. I couldn't believe the original price of $105 but still they were flying off the shelves. Right now they are on clearance sale for just $40, so I can only imagine how fast this deal will fly as well. Get your hands on your own Star Wars Furby before it is too late. Shipping will be included if you spend over $50.

This Furby is still $99.99 at Indigo and Sears, so other Canadian retailers have yet to follow suit with this discount. This may be your only chance to get it for a reasonable price.

There is only one negative review from what I can see, and I don't really think it is relevant to the actual product. The customer appeared to have received a used Furby in the box. That isn't likely to happen! This Furby does everything a normal Furby would, except it is the Star Wars version —which is pretty cool.

Here is one review from a Walmart Canada customer:

This Furbacca is just as cute as advertised. The kids love him and he works with the Furby Boom app. My son broke his Furby so I owed him a new one and this is a great replacement. I just wish they would make other Star Wars themed Furbys for girls or when you have more than one child. offers free shipping on orders over $50. You can also opt for free in-store pickup.

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    That's so cute!