Staples Canada: Unlocked ZTE Grand X Smartphone Was $150 | Now $80 & Free Shipping

Staples Canada: Unlocked ZTE Grand X Smartphone Was $150 | Now $80 & Free Shipping


This is a really HOT smartphone deal if you are in the market to buy outright and then have the luxury of not being tied into a contract. The ZTE Grand X Smartphone, Unlocked was $149.99 and is now on sale for $99.95. Use Visa Checkout to save an extra $20 (off $70). That brings the cell phone down to just $79.97 with free shipping.

This cell phone is quite the deal given the prices of other online retailers! Walmart Canada sells the same smartphone for $179.98, Best Buy used to have it at $149.98 (sold out), and the cheapest model in the Amazon Marketplace will cost $159.99 + $12.99 shipping. Compared to Walmart's price, you are saving $100 on this smartphone.

I have extolled the virtues before of buying your smartphone outright. First of all, the price for minutes, data, and more on a 'contract plan' are a lot higher than on a monthly, no-contract plan. I recently encouraged a friend of mine to dump his contract. He is saving $30 per month by being on a bring your own plan compared to the equivalent contract plan. If you are paying $30 per month extra on your contract plan, then that 'free cell phone' really isn't free now is it?

This is a great basic smartphone. It has a sturdy design, decent battery life, and smooth performance. There have been some criticisms of the screen from professional review sites. They primarily said that at certain angles it is difficult to read the phone. However, reviews on Staples seem to love this cell phone. One reviewer said:

This phone is really good and fast, very nice reliable android, with huge 5" screen. One thing that is not great is small amount of internal memory. You can add extra micro SD card though. Got it for my 15 years old son and he loves it! Not expensive alternative for high end Samsung phone but it does the job well.

Whether you are on a frugal budget and need to cut down on your cell phone cost and monthly plan cost or you need a cell phone for your growing offspring, this is an excellent choice at a hot price! Remember, you MUST checkout via Visa Checkout to save the extra $20 off $70.

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