Staples Canada: Draper 8' Diagonal Projector Screen Now $89.96 (Save $40)

Staples Canada: Draper 8' Diagonal Projector Screen Now $89.96 (Save $40)


Staples Canada is offering $40 off a Draper 8 ft diagonal projector screen. Originally $129.96, the screen is now on sale for $89.96.

All my progressive friends have given up their televisions and gone for projectors and a projector screen. You can get a much bigger screen for a far smaller price tag and entertain your friends theatre style! The last gathering I was at was like twenty people in a living room with a great big projection screen. It was really comfortable viewing the movie because the screen was large enough to view comfortably from any part of the room.


  • Variable locking spring roller system to position the screen
  • Design of the universal mounting brackets on each end cap allow for either wall or ceiling installation
  • Screen surface can be cleaned with soap and water
  • Image area: 60"H x 80"W

I would love to transition over to the projector and projector screen model when our TV goes to its grave. I like how low profile the setup is and I think it is certainly the way of the future.

Enjoy free shipping on this screen as it costs over $45.

(Expiry: 4th February 2014)


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