They're Back! Dollar Deals from $1 @ Staples Canada

They're Back! Dollar Deals from $1 @ Staples Canada

It's that time of year again! If you need new office supplies – or even if you're running low on toilet paper – you should probably head to Staples Canada sometime this month.

Dollar Deals are back, and items are now on sale from – you guessed it – just $1!

There are so many things included in this sale, from file folders and scissors all the way to items you might not expect from Staples, like masking tape and wall clocks.

The thing about Dollar Deals is that everything is slashed down to even dollars. You won't find any 99¢ price tags here. Instead, a 24-pack of Cottonelle Ultra Comfort Care Toilet Paper is marked down to $15 even (from $19.99).

And there are some serious steals in the mix. When else can you order a tub of Staples Binder Clips for $2, instead of the usual $6.19? Just keep in mind that some items aren't available in stores (so it may be best to shop online), and most orders over $45 ship for free.


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