Staples Canada Dollar Deals!

Staples Canada Dollar Deals!

Last week, Mooser Ksanders posted on the hot deals  forums about the dollar deals at Staples Canada and the post has climbed up to a pretty hot 376 degrees so far! We haven't blogged it yet though, so I will do a quick post to let you all know about the various bargains, as I just got a new email from Staples about it too.

There are a few items for only $1 which could be handy for school or home office use. Examples:

Ksanders says:

They have everything that you could need for your home office or even for school! Not only is there $1 dollar deals but there is also deals that range from $3-$5.

This 500 pack of Staples Page Markers is priced at $5 in this sale - I can't get enough of these babies! I've got about 30 cookbooks on my shelves, and the pages are littered with these little coloured labels, highlighting all my favourite recipes for easy reference.

I'm going to grab myself a 6 pack of some of these Papermate Accent Intro Pen-Style Highlighters for only $2. We use highlighters quite a lot in this house, and I like the pen style on these, rather than a big fat marker. :)

As is normal on, if you spend more than $50, you will get totally free shipping on your order.

(Ends 14th February 2012)


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