Staples Canada: $40 Off Bin Warehouse Storage System - Now $96

Staples Canada: $40 Off Bin Warehouse Storage System - Now $96


Get organized this new year! Staples Canada can help with $40 off the Bin Warehouse Storage System, 18 File Box Model that is on sale for $95.99 (was $139.99).

This storage system is designed for more of a small business or a home-based business. However, if you have a busy household, are a crafter, or are a keep organizer this might also work for home life. The storage system holds up to 1000 lbs., which translates into eighteen very heavy filing boxes if you load them to capacity.

I actually think my parents could benefit from this sort of system. My mother is a notorious pack-rat and keeps absolutely everything. Cards, pictures, receipts from ten years ago... you can find it all in my parent's basement. I think this would be a great filing system to catalog everything my mother has collected and let her actually go back and look at stuff without having to shuffle through stacks of papers. She could even have one filing drawer for each year.

As this system costs over $45, it will ship for free. Note: the filing boxes are not included.

Are you a super organized person? If so, what would you use this bin filing system for?

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