Staples Black Friday For Business Deals!

Staples Black Friday For Business Deals!


Staples has an early Black Friday sale going on this weekend with tons of deals for business. Of course, you can also buy these business deals for your home as well.

I see a number of great deals that I'd like to get for my home-based business, that would also be great for an office or some even for the home or another setting.

For example, Staples has a Purell hand sanitizer dispenseron sale for only $3.96, with a regular price of $8.96. Today I was helping out my children's school and my youngest son's teacher walked by with a sick little girl. She had just thrown up all over his class. My first thought after "oh no!!!" was hopefully they got the sanitizer out and got the area and the kids all sanitized. I really don't want to deal with vomit all weekend (or month!). Wouldn't one of these be perfect in a classroom?

If you need a great executive chair and don't want to pay executive prices, Staples has the Global Ride & Rest leather executive chairin black on for $800 off. Now $499 and was $1299.99, I couldn't find this chair for less than $800 at other online Canadian retailers. With adjustable everything and gearshift controls, it even has adjustable lumbar support. My aching back is screaming for this chair!

While there is no regular price, I do believe this is a hot buy. The Emtec 8GB Click USB flash drive in a 5-pack is only $29.98. I price compared elsewhere and couldn't find it as the five-pack but one was at least $12 and you are getting them for $6 each, which is essentially half the price. You know you'll use all five too.

Staplesoffers free shipping on orders over $45, so get what you need and get your total over this low minimum for free shipping.

(expiry: 23rd November 2014)


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