Staples Back To School Shop

Staples Back To School Shop


As mentioned in yesterday's post about Zellers, it's nearly back-to-school time! As such, a lot of stores are competing  for you to spend your cash on stationary and school items. Staples has a back-to-school centre shown online, with a number of good offers available.

Some examples of the items on offer:

When I was little, I remember the preparation of getting ready to go back to school! It seemed like such fun... arranging your new pencils and pens in your new pencil case... sorting out your backpack etc. I usually only got a new packpack once every two years, so that was a special treat.


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  • Misty
    Hi, You are right. Growing up....we were lucky to get a new backpack or even more than two or three pencils. Now it is the other extreme, with the school lists getting longer every year. I have two kids in elementary school and find it so un-necessary to buy all those folders, boxes of pencils and half a dozen high lighters. At the end of every year, I still have so much stuff left over which makes the shopping for the new year easier! But what I really want to say is that we used to get so much joy out of the new pack of color pencils or new eraser, than my kids get from practically anything. They have and get so much, that it is of no value to them! I say........go back to buying just one pencil!!
    • Anna
      I agree Misty... I used to be so happy just to get a pack of crayola too. But when we are more affluent, we hope for our kids to want for nothing... so we spoil them!