Staples: 10% Off Tassimo T-Disc Refills

Staples: 10% Off Tassimo T-Disc Refills


Tassimo machines seem to be really big these days! I even saw one in the Psyc department at my university... they were trial-ing a 'membership' to their 'Tassimo club' which for a set fee a month you got unlimited cups. Staples is offering 10% off Tassimo T-Disc refill packs, online only. That means you can get each drink for as low as 38 cents!

Though I am not a coffee drinker, I could see getting one of these in the future. For an 8 pack of Hot Chocolate it is only $3.32. I also love Chai Tea Lattes, and they have an 8 pack for $10.78. That may seem expensive, but how much would you pay for a Chai Tea Latte at your local cafe? A LOT more.

Shipping is free on orders over $50 if you are within a decent distance of a Staples.

Offer expires the 12th, April 2011.


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