Stag Shop Canada After Hours Sale (18+): 25% Off Sitewide

Stag Shop Canada After Hours Sale (18+): 25% Off Sitewide

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Get 25% off sitewide at Stag Shop tonight and tomorrow night from 12am to 6am EST at their after hours sale. You don't need a coupon, and this is on unrestricted items only. As an added bonus, they've lowered their free shipping threshold to $25 from $50, which means if you've been waiting for a less expensive item to go on sale, now is the time to get it, get 25% off and score free shipping.

I can't really link you to any great deals, since as you are reading this it might not yet be midnight, and Stag Shop's prices seem to fluctuate with no rhyme or reason. I am also unsure what items are restricted, although I am sure they are the higher-priced dildos and vibrators like LELO and Jopen, but check for yourself tonight when you are up shopping for all your adult pleasure items.

My favourite section to shop from is the New Arrivals section because I love trying out the newest and greatest. There have been so many improvements in this category in just ten years, it literally blows my mind. Nice play on words, eh?

(Expiry: 28th October 2013 on 25% off, 31st October 2013 on free shipping)


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