Sriracha To-Go Bottle Keychain for $10

"I got hot sauce in my bag"
Sriracha To-Go Bottle Keychain for $10

Make fun of me all you want, but I add hot sauce to everything. Pizza? Yup. Veggies? Pass me the bottle. I've gotten weird looks for dousing my hamburgers in hot sauce instead of ketchup and mustard – and I just found something that'll help me take this addiction to the next level. Urban Outfitters sells the official Sriracha To-Go Bottle Keychain, and as soon as mine comes in the mail, it's never leaving my side again!

This mini bottle clips directly to your keys, purse or backpack, and it's only $10 plus shipping. Each one holds a single ounce of Sriracha (which is sold separately), so just fill 'er up, and you're good to go!

While it doesn't actually specify this in the product description, some reviewers say it actually comes as a set, with one larger keychain bottle and a mini-sized one. You could give one to a fellow hot sauce addict – or you could follow my lead and keep 'em both for yourself! Just make sure you clean them pretty often.

If you really can't get enough hot sauce, you can buy a three-pack of knockoff Mini Hot Sauce Keychains for $18.83 from Amazon Canada. They'll ship free as part of a $35 order, so you may as well just pick up a few sets and pass them out to all your friends. Trust me, they'll laugh and actually use them!

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  • Erin B.

    Lol I so need one

    • Kathy D.

      Daniel Craver you need this :joy:

      • Julie T.

        tag Ethan to this. Lol

        • Michelle P.

          Hey you need one of there for your Frank’s Hot Sauce..lmao

          • Katlyn C.


            • Sam P.

              Cheat and put Frank's hot sauce instead

              • Hotcock

                Why? Frank's is garbaage.

              • Debbie S.

                do you need one of these?

                • Susan S.

                  t :grin:

                  • Michelle S.

                    hot sauce

                    • Darnell H.


                      • Friday M.


                        • Kate B.

                          For Paul :joy:

                          • Ally B.

                            hed need a bigger bottle lol

                            • Darlene S.

                              Hahaha... I responded before i I saw you mention my name. Gracias!

                              • Elysia B.

                                lmao I’m currently eating sriracha right now

                                • Reegan L.

                                  you need one of these for your hot sauce lol

                                  • Jordan W.

                                    e you need this haha

                                    • Cassandra Z.

                                      h lol cute but I don’t use Saracha!

                                      • Nylan F.

                                        omg that is the cutestttt

                                        • Kaylin C.

                                          I really doooo! :heart_eyes: