These Squishmallows Might Be the Softest Toys Ever!

These Squishmallows Might Be the Softest Toys Ever!

If you haven't seen these Squishmallows yet, you're missing out. They are without a doubt some of the softest toys I've held and cuddled in my entire life – and they're slowly making their way up to Canada.

And if your kids haven't told you about them yet, chances are they will soon. I first discovered them when I was in the States over Christmas, and I was so excited to see them online here at Walmart Canada.

But before you can go ahead and start shopping, there's one question we need to answer: What are Squishmallows?

Basically, they're super-soft plush toys that you can hug and even use as pillows. They come in all different animal shapes and sizes, so you can collect an entire zoo's worth of cuddly creatures. A complete list of all the Squishmallows out there is available online.

Prices vary (based on the size of each toy and whether you buy them individually or as part of a set), but you can also find them at Amazon Canada! Just note that there may be a bit of a markup. We'll let you know right here if and when they pop up anywhere else in Canada.


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  • Ami B.

    These are $12 at Costco. Just got my daughter one :blush:

    • HeatherR

      My kids received these for Christmas.  I purchased them from Winners, but Giant Tiger carries them as well.