Squishmallow 16-Inch Frog Prince $32.99 @ Amazon Canada

He's back, but hurry!
Squishmallow 16-Inch Frog Prince $32.99 @ Amazon Canada

*** EDIT - he's back, and only at $2 dearer! Move now before he goes again!

Squishmallows couldn't be anymore popular right now and whilst you get many different designs, this 16-Inch Frog Prince has to be the coolest one we have seen yet. It's priced at $32.99 and is selling like crazy on Amazon Canada.

Squishmallow 16-Inch Frog Prince

The Squishmallow 16-Inch Frog Prince is adorable, and will be loved by whoever receives it on Christmas morning.

Your child can de-stress with the Squishmallows Plush Baratelli the Frog Prince, as not only he big and plump, but is squishy like a marshmallow.

Why are Squishmallows sought-after? They are snuggly, and ever so soft and great for squeezing tightly. Plus, they are super cute.

Shipping is free of charge for those with Prime, or those spending $35.


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