Spud.ca: Save $25 on Food (Vancouver)

Spud.ca: Save $25 on Food (Vancouver)


This promotion is complements of Mooser Nadine, and I am going to let her tell you about it (because she understands it way better than I do)! Just a bit of a note, this is fairly region specific: the Vancouver region to be specific. But it is such a wonderful deal we felt it was worth sharing for all our readers out of Vancouver.

Over to Nadine:

I wanted to send you guys this deal that the Organic Grocery Delivery Service www.Spud.ca are running for new Vancouver customers who sign up using the promo code CRVAN-CANBRE by October 31st. Basically each new customer gets $25 off groceries ($5 off the first 3 orders and $10 off the fourth) AND Spud will donate $25 to The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation :o)

Here is the link to the offer on their website, including the details, promo code and a cute video about what their Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign 'Check your Fruit.'

Remember, the coupon code is CRVAN-CANBRE and you need to sign up by October 31, 2010. Not only are you doing yourself a favour and getting some nice discounts at the same time, but because your sign up, $25 is getting donated to a good cause as well. I say that is a win-win deal!

Thanks so much Nadine!


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