Spot Prize For The Birthday Contest: Threadless T-shirt of your Choice!

Spot Prize For The Birthday Contest: Threadless T-shirt of your Choice!

*** Contest now closed, winner is Oreo ***

It's the final day of our 4th birthday celebrations here on Bargainmoose (iPad giveaway!), and to celebrate a little tiny bit more, we're going to have some spot contests to give out some extra prizes through the course of the day today (Wednesday).

First of all, we're going to give one Bargainmooser the t-shirt of their choice from!

Here's how to enter this little spot contest:

Pick a tee, any tee! If you win, which tee will you choose from Threadless?

Leave your choice in a comment below.


  • Today’s contest ends 29th August 2012
  • Canadian entrants only
  • 1 type of bonus entry per contest per day
  • Admin’s decision is final, contest is subject to change


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  • Brandy
    So many to choose from! They're all so cute!! If I had to pick I'd pick the "Alley Cat"
    • Pat
      I would pick "The start of something"'s cool and romantic all at the same time.
      • Kelly J.
        I would choose Water Balloons!! Thanks!!
        • Mei L.
          So many good ones...I'd get "I was here" for my hubby!
          • Mel
            My 9 year old loves his Threadless tees. I would get him Treasure Chest.
            • mal
              calling home
              • Paloma
                I would choose the "I was here" one. I think it's really cute :)
                • Erlyn
                  I think I'd pick Love Your Fellow As Yourself. Cute :)
                  • xxshell16
                    I would pick "Ultimate Fusion"
                    • Leigh
                      I like "Burning in the Skies"
                      • UncleStuart
                        Saturntable. Cause it's just so space-y.
                        • crystal j.
                          I would choose "ultimate fusion" for babies, for my new january addition :)
                          • Jessica
                            SOOOO many great ones to choose from. I would get one for my son. I am thinking funkalicious or Ramen'ses Returns. Thanks for the tip on their current sale :)
                            • Kelly
                              I would get insomnia =)!
                              • kathy5
                                So many to choose from & I LOVE t-shirts...if I had to choose, it would be the "cookie loves milk". I can't keep enough of either 1 in my house. My husbands nickname is the cookie monster. Thanks
                                • Vicki N.
                                  Difficult to choose but I think Love Your Fellow As Yourself by Shmoo
                                  • Deb
                                    I would pick 'Everyone's gone to the moon' in memory of Neil Armstrong.
                                    • jamesc
                                      I liked tweet
                                      • Shaun
                                        I would pick 127 seconds
                                        • Leisau C.
                                          I would choose "Fake pandas have more fun" in the zip hoody style. It's cute.