Spin Master Games Mini Brands The Game $9.97 @ Amazon Canada

It's bargain!
Spin Master Games Mini Brands The Game $9.97 @ Amazon Canada

Mini Brands are big news, so if you've got a child to buy for this Christmas then you'll not go wrong with this bargain. Amazon Canada have the Mini Brands The Game for $9.97 which is a really good price. As always, if you snooze, you lose, so grab it now.

Note - delivery is now for after Christmas, but you may land lucky and get it before.

Mini Brands The Game

The Mini Brands The Game is recommended for children aged 5 years old and above. The game comes with four Mini Brands Collectable Movers which are miniature versions of those food brands we know and love.

The point of the game is to do a Mini Market Dash with the action cards helping you but hindering other on their way.

It's for 2-4 players so it's ideal for family games night or for Christmas Day... gotta love a board game in the holidays.

Shipping is free of charge for those of you with Prime, or those of you spending $35+ on Prime eligible items.


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