Sony Store Canada: Vertical Grip for α500/α550 Was $275 | Now $25

Sony Store Canada: Vertical Grip for α500/α550 Was $275 | Now $25

If you own a Sony DSLR α500/α550 or even a α580L you might want to take a look at this mind-blowing deal at the Sony Store. Get the compatible vertical grip for only $24.99, originally $274.99!

The description only mentions the first two models, the a500 and the a550. However, when I looked at compatible models it also showed the a580L. Wow, I wish this was compatible with my Sony DSLR - I would buy it in a heart beat! The following review beams over the usefulness of this grip, and mentions a few other models it is compatible with:

This grip is a great addition to your camera if you have an A500, A550, A560, or A580. With Sony, the batteries usually last a pretty long time - but when I use this grip loaded with 2 freshly charged batteries, I can get through a 10 hour wedding and not have to worry about changing batteries. The additional power is nice, but the best feature of the battery grip is how much more solid and easy-to-hold it makes your camera. I hardly ever take it off, even if I only have one battery. It makes the camera quite a bit bigger, but a LOT easier to handle. If you've got an A5xx and you can find one for less than $200, I wouldn't hesitate to pick one up.

Let's just say, this is way less than $200. Woohoo!

Sony Store Canada now offers free shipping on all orders from what I can see!

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