Sony Canada: $100 Off MDR-1 Bluetooth Headphones (Pay $300)

Sony Canada: $100 Off MDR-1 Bluetooth Headphones (Pay $300)

If you want the best quality headphones without the wires, you want the MDR-1 Bluetooth headphones from Sony Canada!

Writing about a $299.99 item isn't exceedingly rare for me. Especially a $299.99 item that is discounted $100 from $399.99.  What is a bit more rare is the $299.99 item being a set of headphones. But regardless of the final price tag, 25% off is a great deal.

There are a ton of great features on these headphones (which you can read about at the link above) but for me the killer feature is the Bluetooth. I used to go through headphones like crazy. It didn't matter if they cost $10 or $50, I would destroy them. It was always the cords that killed them for me. I'd get them caught on something or my son would pull on one or something else would happen that would ultimately lead to the headphones not working anymore.

Ever since I got a set of Bluetooth headphones, I haven't had to deal with cords and they have lasted well over a year. There were months with corded headphones where I'd go through two or more sets. I also like the freedom of Bluetooth. There is no cord for your kid to rip out when they jump on you. There is no cord go get stuck in the lawnmower poll cord (I've done it, it sucks). The need to have your device on your person is even negated. When I get out of the shower and start getting ready for the day I like to listen a podcast or an audio book. With corded, the wires were always getting in the way. My wireless headphone are probably my favourite piece of technology. I absolutely adore them. If you want a high end audio experience with the freedom of Bluetooth, you've got to check the Sony MDR-1 headphones out.

Shipping is FREE. The headphones are currently on back order so get it now before the wait becomes longer.

Do you have wireless headphones? Do they make you feel bad for all the people using wires? Or maybe you think us wireless people are dummies. Let us know in the comments below!

(Expires: 20th June 2013)


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  • Anna W.
    I really like SOny audio products, have had a few over the years.