Snapfish Coupon Code: 20% Off $50 & Free Shipping

Snapfish Coupon Code: 20% Off $50 & Free Shipping


Snapfish has released an excellent coupon code right now. Receive 20% off all orders of $50 or more and receive free shipping, which is worth a small fortune.

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  • CouponCode: 20XSHIPCA
  • Discount: 20% off & free shipping
  • Expires: 20th October 2014

So, why is this deal so great? First of all, we have seen bigger discounts from Snapfish. At the beginning of August, Anna blogged a 40% off coupon code that did not include free shipping. As she stated in her post:

I was testing a $44 order and the shipping fee was $10… so you can pop something in your cart and get a shipping quote at checkout.

The shipping costs, as she apply demonstrated, were worth almost 25% of her order total order. Thankfully, the coupon code was being enough to cover a good portion of those at that time. This time, you may only get 20% off your order ($50+), but you also will receive free shipping. With free shipping worth nearly 25% off your order, depending on what you buy the coupon's overall value is somewhere between 40% and 45%.

The gifts under $10 section is one of the best places to start looking for something fun to make while still on a budget. Instead of buying one or two things, you can buy multiple gifts and save them for birthdays or Christmas. Mini Photo Books cost only $5.99, greeting cards start at $1.45, and baggage tags start at $7.99.

While I am not one to use paper products heavily, I am somewhat addicted to greeting cards. My husband had an entire box full of blank greeting cards he had purchased over time and I have been using them whenever I send gifts or purchases out to people. It adds and extra touch and I have received a lot of positive feedback.

I would like to get a personalized baggage tag for myself. It would be a quick way to identify my luggage and help other people quickly identify that it is not their bag. I would not actually put my own face on it; rather I would take a picture of my cats and use their cute little mugs on the luggage tag instead. It is worth $7.99 for my luggage to arrive safe and secure into my hands when I travel.

Coupon codes cannot be combined. Find the latest Snapfish coupon codes on the forum as well as codes for thousands of other Canadian stores.


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