Smoofer T-Shirts: 5 Days Of Exclusive Discounts!

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Got some exclusive discount codes for you guys this week! The guys over at have emailed me with some coupon codes, which get you various discounts on their site. The first promo code is posted below, and I'll update this thread during the week.

Friday 18th April 2009

This is the last day of the deals for! They’ve done slightly better today, with a 15% coupon code! Just input the promo code crazymoose when you make your purchases!! Most tees on the site are $19, and this promotional code makes them $16.15 and free shipping. The slightly higher value tees, such as those in the rock range are $22, so would be $18.70 after the discount.

Let me pick out a few nice tees I haven’t mentioned yet:

I love the Oscar tee pictured above left. Excellent color, lovely image, would suit my moods sometimes! For the Hello Kitty fans, how about the Love & Peace tee, pictured above center? My best friend would just adore this one! I’m making a note for her next birthday… Finally, for the Charlie Brown fans, Charlie Brown Loves Ice Cream! It’s really cute and is pictured above right!

Thursday 16th April 2009

For today, you can get 12% discount on all Transformers and GI Joe tees with the coupon code moviemoose. The transformers tees are pretty cool! Let’s pick out a few:

Bumblebee (pictured above left) – this is a woman’s tee, not available in the guys size. It’s $19 and would be $16.72 after discounts. Maybe you’d like the other Transformer tee, More Than Meets The Eye (pictured above center), same price too. Finally above right, here’s a nice one for the same price in the GI Joe selection, the “I’m A GI Joe Girl.

Wednesday 16th April 2009

Today, get a 10% discount on all superhero shirts using the coupon code supermoose.

Superman? At some point in your life you MUST own a classic Superman tee! This one is priced at $19 with free shipping, but would be $17.10 after the coupon code. See it pictured above left. I like it! I used to have a similar one when I was 18, but I’ve grown out of it.

The Smiling Joker? They’ve got a few tees with Heath Ledger’s Joker as the theme. I like the smiling joker one pictured above centre. Also $19, or $17.10 :) Why so serious?

I Yam What I Yam? Love the classic retro Popeye tee! I’ve pictured it above to the right. Strong to the finish, cos I eats me spinach!

Tuesday 14th April 2009

Today, you can get a 12% discount off all ladies tshirts (but I believe it applies to all tees) by using the promo code ladymoose. Some examples for today…

  • I really love the “Star Trek: Star Studded Ship.” It’s funky retro! It’s pictured above on the left. It’s currently priced at $19, but for today it would be $16.72 including free shipping. If you’re a fan of TOS (The Original Series) then this would be a pretty cool tee to add to your collection!
  • The “Felix The Cat” tee is really cute too. Also would be priced at $19, or $16.72 after the promo code is applied. “Respect the Cat. Felix was on top of the world years before that high-pitched mouse came around.” See it in the image above, in the center.
  • Finally for today, check out the “Nintendo: Yoshi” tshirt – it’s uber cute-ums!

Monday 13th April 2009

Today, you can get a 10% discount off all Rock shirts (but I think it might apply to all tees) by using the promo code rockmoose. Let’s see if there a few examples…

  • Anyone like ACDC, the classic rock band? Smoofer have the “Are You Ready” t-shirt for $22, which would be $19.80 post-discount, with free shipping! It’s pictured above left. I don’t really know ACDC, I’ve never really listened to them at all. I don’t think I’d even recognize one of their songs! Actually, my DH has just mentioned “Highway To Hell,” I’d definitely recognize that!
  • Are you a fan of Pink Floyd? How about the “Dark Side of the Half-Moon” tee? It’s also priced at $22, but that would be $19.80 with the discount. It’s pictured above, in the middle of the image. I like this album, and I think the CD cover is one of the most famous album covers of all time!

Remember – all tees come with FREE Canadian shipping! Three cheers for free shipping!

You might recall that last month, donated a couple of t-shirts for a little contest on Bargainmoose. Alas I didn’t get to keep any of the tees myself, I gave them both out as prizes in the competition. I will say that the quality of the tees was very good. They’re 100% cotton too, which always turns me on! I particularly liked the Elmo one!

Smoofer is quite a new store, Canadian owned and operated. I think the online site launched in November 2008. I really love their selection of t-shirts though – they are pretty unique designs. Their tees are obviously more expensive than the mass-produced clothing you’d get in Wal-Mart, but Wal-Mart tees never do it for me!! :) Smoofer ship from Quebec, and have an office in Ontario – but they ship Canada-wide for free!

Happy t-shirt hunting folks!



  • sunny
    Anna, just wanted to point out the dates are a little messed up - you're one day ahead. It's actually the 13th today, not 14th.
  • Anna
    Serves me right for writing posts late at night on a belly full of chocolate! Thanks Sunny, all fixed up now :)

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