Slurpee Fill Your Own Cup For $1.50

Slurpee Fill Your Own Cup For $1.50

Grab your buckets, your pots and pans, your thermoses. Bring your own cup (BYOC) and fill it with any size Slurpee until March 25th for $1.50.

Won't the kids love mixing and matching all their favorite flavours? Cherries & Cream, Gummie Bear. Sour Apple. Peach Fuzz and more. It's kid heaven.

There are some rules to keep in mind:

  1. Your cup must be no more than 26 cm in diameter and 26 cm high. It must fit inside the measuring device displayed in store. No giant buckets. Though I have some small sand buckets that would fit.
  2. Your cup must be clean and able to withhold liquids. Leave the paper bags at home.
  3. One container per customer per day. No refills allowed.

I am taking my brother's kids for a giant smoothie just before bedtime. It's payback for that time he fed my girls giant chocolate bars on a school night.

And do a quick Internet search for photos of some of the "cups" that people have used. Hilarious.


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