Skype Special Offers

Skype Special Offers

I was just topping up my Skype credit, and noticed that there are a few special offers on their site just now. They're worth pointing out to those of you Moosers who are regular Skype users.

First of all, if you take out unlimited subscriptions, you can get an instant discount. A 3 month sub gets you a 5% discount, and a 12 month sub gets you a 15% discount. For example, unlimited calls to the US & Canada, both landlines and mobiles, costs $2.99 per month - but this drops to $2.54 per month when you take the 12 month package.

Secondly, there's a deal on online numbers for existing Skype subscribers. You can get an online number for up to half price. That would be $18 for 3 months, or $60 for a year.

Thirdly, sign up to Skype premium for a year, and get it for half price ($4.99 per month). I am seriously considering this as I want to host group video calls with my family members.

Lastly, you can get up to 60 minutes free credit when you buy some discounted accessories for Skype. Just note that these do ship to Canada, but they will be coming from the US. But many have free Canadian shipping!

Clare recently wrote a money-saving article about saving on your home phone bills, and Skype was one of the options there.

I'm a regular Skype user, it's constantly running on my computer. I mostly use it for work, communicating with the other authors here on Bargainmoose, and to call family for free. I keep it topped up with call credit too though, as it is sometimes very handy to make a call from my computer, especially to international numbers as I work a lot between Canada and Ireland. If I called internationally from my home phone, I have no idea what I would be charged! Skype helps me keep that under control. :)

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