Skype: Get 16% Free Cashback On Your Call Credit! (TIP)

Skype: Get 16% Free Cashback On Your Call Credit! (TIP)

Here’s a tip for the Skype users. If you pay for Skype call credit or Skype subscriptions, you can save yourself a whopping 16.25% on those costs!! Dealguild Canada offers 16.25% cashback on any Skype purchases. You can read a bit more about it on the Dealguild site.

I have used this service a few times now. The cashback tracks in within a few days, and you can claim it once it is in your account, usually within a few months. It’s great because I’d be buying the Skype credit anyway, so getting 16% back is a real bonus! There are no charges or anything, you get the full 16% as cashback.

I make calls from my computer quite often, and Skype is really cheap to call other countries. Sometimes I have to call Europe or Australia because of my work, and the calls hardly cost anything! Every so often, I top up my Skype account with a few bucks, and always make sure I go through Dealguild first.

Thanks re-ality!


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