Skull Candy: Deals on Discontinued Products

Skull Candy: Deals on Discontinued Products


Skull Candy Canada has a nice selection of discontinued products on their website. These products are 08 and 09 products that Skull Candy is no longer making, but they still come with a lifetime warranty (woohoo!) and a great price tag. Skull Candy offers free shipping on orders of $40+

My Favourite by FAR is the Hesh Viking Illustration headphones on sale for $49.95. Those things look wicked awesome! Pictured above.

Second would be the Double Agent. If you stick an SD card with your music into the headset, the headset becomes your MP3 player... totally WICKED. Sale price: $73.41

Next I think the sleek Icon Chrome/Black on ear headset is only $18.71. It has a nice slim profile.

The G.I. Brown Stripe for $69.95 screams "look at me" and is padded, soft, yet they can pack a powerful punch... and the Black Denim version for a few dollars more is nice for a little more subdued look.


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